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ADR Environmental is a full service company that accommodates homeowners, commercial property owners, insurance companies, and realtors.  We specialize in tank removals, site remediation, wetland delineations, and permitting.  We offer soil and groundwater remediation, 24 hour spill response, environmental consulting, and LSRP services.


Our Mission and Vision.

Our mission is to provide the best service possible at a competitive price.  We strive to complete every project in a timely manner.  ADR provides both regulated and unregulated underground storage tank removal services, soil and groundwater remedial services, site investigations, preliminary assessments, phase I site assessments, wetland delineations services, and much more.

Company Profile.

The company is owned and operated by Arthur Pierson and David Lott.  

Arthur has been in the landscaping and excavating field since 1994.   He is the founder and  president of Pierson Landscaping, a company that performs all phases of landscaping from concept to completion.  The company also operates two site construction crews which specialize in earthwork and excavating services.   His knowledge and experience working in these fields is a natural fit for ADR Environmental.  Arthur also has experience working on USTs including all phases of remediation in both soil and groundwater.  He holds certifications and licenses from NJDEP, OSHA, NEHA, Puraflo Peat Fiber Septic systems,  Eco-Pure Peat Moss Septic Systems, Infiltrator Septic Systems, and is a NJ Certified Public Works Contractor.

David has worked in the environmental field in the state of New Jersey since 1999.  He has been an NJDEP Sub Surface Evaluator since 2003 and has been a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) since 2012.  Throughout the past fifteen years David has closed more than 300 NJDEP cases.

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