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Real Estate Agents

ADR Environmental (ADR) understands that a succesful real estate closing may be contingent on the removal of an underground storage tank(s).  To meet the needs of all parties involved we will expedite such jobs so the closing can proceed.

Immediatly after our proposal is signed by the property owner ADR will apply for the required local permits and call in a mark-out of utilities for the property.  Permits are often issued one week after the application is submitted.  Following permit approval we will make arrangements for the township inspector to inspect the UST after it is removed from the ground.   We typically schedule the removal of the UST on the township inspector's first available date.

If we discover that the UST leaked we can initiate remedial services almost immediately.   In many cases we can complete remedial work at the site and submit a Remedial Action Report to the NJDEP within three to four weeks after the tank removal process.  For residential sites, a remedial action report is submitted to the NJDEP Uhot program.  The NJDEP can often complete the review process and issue a No Further Action (NFA) letter within 45 days of submittal.

The timeline for unregulated tank jobs is often as follows:
Week 1


Call in a utility mark-out, schedule inspection for the tank removal, and remove the underground storage tank.

Week 2


If the tank does not leak closure of the UST will be approved by the local building official and the transaction of the property can proceed.


If the tank did leak, ADR will provide a very competitive remedial proposal to the homeowner.

Once the proposal is signed, ADR will apply for approval to dispose of the contaminated soils.

Week 3

Conduct soil remedial activities and complete the remedial action report as required by the NJDEP.

Week 4 and 5


Submit the Remedial Action Report, Uhot questionnaire, and certification form.   If appropriate we can also include a cover letter to the NJDEP indicating that a pending sale of the home is contingent on the NFA – Approximate review time is 45 days.


Not all cleanups can be accomplished in this time frame.   Excessive soil contamination and/or groundwater contamination will increase the time required for remediation.  We will do everything in our ability to expedite the cleanup in a professional manor.

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